The Month to LOVE is Here!

Is it time for love already?


Are you in love? Plan to be? planning a hot sensual date?

If so, use a condom and get on PrEP to protect yourself and your partner.

Remember that:

Sexually Transmitted Infections are no FUN, If left untreated, these can affect your sex life, your fertility may be compromised, your summer can become a nightmare. 

If you want to prevent HIV, we can get you on PrEP

If you have an emergency or had a risky situation with HIV, we can get you on PEP (You have 72 hours before its too late)

We can get you on treatment for HEP C, HIV, and other STD's.

Regardless of your ability to pay.

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About Us / Sobre Nosotros / Enfòmasyon Pou Nou

About Us


Doctors United Group is a Non-Profit Organization mandated to help navigate the many challenges that patients face who are newly diagnosed or living with HIV or any other STD by providing them a multitude of services regardless of their ability to pay.

Sobre Nosotros


Doctors United Group es una organización sin fines de lucro encargada de ayudar a navegar los muchos desafíos que enfrentan los pacientes que son recién diagnosticados o que viven con el VIH o cualquier otra ETS proporcionándoles una multitud de servicios, independientemente de su capacidad de pago.

Enfòmasyon pou nou


Doctors United Group  se yon òganizasyon non epi pou yo ede navige anpil yo défis sa figi pasyan ki fèk vin oubyen rete ak VIH, ni okenn lòt STD bay yon multitude nan sèvis nenpòt moun yo abilite pou peye yo.

Our Main Services

Our Services Are Regardless Of Your Ability To Pay


Doctors United Group is a Non-Profit Organization that provides STD and HIV Testing & Treatment Options for everyone, please call us today if you think you need our services Call this number (866)745-8049 right away.

Preventive Methods & Treatments


PrEP Treatment


PrEP is a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, it helps your body to be protected against HIV, by taking one pill a day, you can prevent HIV from incubating in your body.

You can get on PrEP with Doctors United Group, regardless of your ability to pay, insurance or not, no problem, we will cover you and help you get on PrEP.


PrEP es una Profilaxis Pre-Exposición, ayuda a tu cuerpo a protegerse del virus del VIH, al tomar una sola pildora al día, podras prevenir que el VIH se incube en tu cuerpo en caso de exposición. Con nosotros Doctors United Group  podrás obtener el tratamiento preventivo, GRATIS, AÚN CUANDO NO PUEDAS PAGARLO, con o sin seguro, no hay problema, nosotros cubriremos tus costos y podras usar PrEP para prevenir el VIH.


PEP Treatment


PEP is a Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, it prevents your body from a possible exposure to HIV, if you don't know your partner's status and the condom broke or you didn't use protection, you may be legible to use PEP as treatment post exposure to avoid a possible HIV transmission, but it must be taken 72 hours after possible exposition to HIV, if you wait longer, this treatment will not work as expected, contact us if you consider you must get on PEP. Call us NOW, (866) 745-8049 Don't OVERTHINK IT.

You can get on PEP with Doctors United Group, regardless of your ability to pay, insurance or not, no problem, we will cover you and help you get on PEP.


PEP es un tratamiento post exposición, ayuda a prevenir que el VIH se incube en tu cuerpo en caso de que hayas tenido una exposición al VIH, si desconoces el estatus de tu pareja o se les rompio el condon y temes haber sido expuesto al VIH, con este tratamiento puedes prevenirlo, pero debes tomarlo antes de las 72 horas despues de la exposición, de lo contrario no sera efectivo. 

Contáctanos si consideras que has sido expuesto al VIH, nosotros te ofrecemos la opcion de acceder a este tratamiento de emergencia AUN CUANDO NO PUEDAS PAGARLO, con seguro o no, Llámanos ahora mismo (866) 745-8049, NO LO PIENSES MUCHO. 


Hepatitis-C Treatment


Hepatitis C is a liver infection that is transmitted by sharing needles or unprotected sexual activities, this STD can be CURED but it is expensive, at Doctors United Group, we can get you on treatment NOW, if you have insurance, we will pay the co payments, if you don't have insurance, we will cover your whole treatment.



Hepatitis C es una infección en el higado que se transmite al compartir jeringas usadas o tener sexo sin protección, esta Infección se puede CURAR pero su tratamiento es de alto costo económico. 

Con Doctors United Group puedes obtener el tratamiento ahora mismo, si tienes seguro, nosotros cubriremos tu copago, si no tienes seguro, nosotros cubriremos todo tu tratamiento, aun cuando no puedas pagarlo.

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PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)

This medication has to be taken in the first 72 hours of exposure, call us today to get your PEP medication.

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We could be the difference between being HIV positive or staying negative.

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Get tested with US today, at Doctors United Group, we guarantee access to testing on wellness checkups, HIV and other STD's regardless of your ability to pay.

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